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Focusing on hot-rolled seamless pipe technology and equipment

The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a "specialized and special new" enterprise in Shanxi Province, with a provincial enterprise technology center in Shanxi Province, and a R & D team composed of experts, professors, senior engineers and other professional and technical personnel.

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Global brand winding equipment, magnetic materials, insulation materials exhibition CWIEME into China


Shanghai, August 29, 2011/Medcom Asia/-British CWIEME Exhibition Co., Ltd., the world's largest organizer of the winding exhibition, and VNU Asia Exhibition Group-Shanghai Wan Yao Qilong Exhibition Co., Ltd. will jointly introduce the world's largest and oldest brand CWIEME Berlin winding exhibition to Shenzhen from March 28 to 31, 2012, which will be held at the same time as Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition (M), which is already famous in South China.

The CWIEME International Winding Exhibition, which was first held in Berlin, Germany in 1996, has been held for 16 sessions. Every year, hundreds of manufacturing companies from 40 countries and regions including Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia participated in the exhibition. At the same time, it attracted people from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and other more than 80 countries and regions. Tens of thousands of professional visitors visited and purchased, it is recognized as the most authoritative brand professional exhibition of electromagnetic coils, motors, electrical insulation materials and manufacturing equipment in the world. Currently in Chicago, India, Mumbai has set up sub-exhibition.

Although there is no complete relationship between the exhibition industry and the e-commerce market, increasing investment in the Internet and new media is the general trend. According to this, the organizer VNU Asian Exhibition Group Shanghai Wan Yao Qilong Exhibition Co., Ltd. has formulated a detailed exhibition promotion and buyer organization plan, focusing on 260,000 pieces of data of global sub-buyers accumulated over the years by the partner CWIEME brand exhibition and 4-50000 domestic buyer databases developed by itself, which are operated through e-mail, fax, telephone, direct mail and Internet, targeting manufacturing industries such as coils, motors and transformers, global buyer database marketing, in order to obtain the best exhibition buyer invitation effect.

As we all know, winding equipment, magnetic materials and insulation materials related customer groups have the characteristics of large span and complex and inconsistent demand, which leads to a large amount of waste in traditional print advertising. While integrating database marketing, CWIEME Shenzhen exhibition will accurately disseminate the characteristics of their products through customized information for different enterprises, comprehensively display many related products, face-to-face communication technology and other means to effectively win professional buyers.

2012 China (Shenzhen) International Winding Equipment Exhibition (CWIEME Shenzhen 2012) is progressing smoothly with the strong support of all parties. By the end of August, more than 50 Chinese and foreign companies had signed up to participate in the exhibition: Shenzhen Yigang, Suzhou Chuangyi Technology Research Institute, Suzhou Kangkai, Hangzhou Permanent Magnet, Shenzhen Fuyile, Tianhe Magnetic Material, Tanaka Precision Machine, Daya, Tianjin Jingwei, Aode Electronics, ZEUS, MARSILLI, SYNFLEX, etc. According to products, winding equipment manufacturing enterprises are: 25%, magnetic material enterprises: 24%, insulation materials enterprises: 30%, other enterprises: 21%. At the same time, there are more than 30 Chinese and foreign brand companies that are actively preparing to participate in the exhibition: DuPont, Sumitomo, Anshan Dekang, Ningbo Xinfeng, Shenzhen Bishida, MICTherm, Hangzhou Hangao CNC, Jiangmen Magnetic Industry, Feier Electromechanical, Wujiang Taihu Lake, Georg, etc. According to Chen Zong, a famous winding equipment manufacturer, Rite Machinery will consider expanding the exhibition area and has already started manufacturing prototype in Suzhou factory, CWIEME Shenzhen, the first professional exhibition of the domestic winding industry, was unveiled with a new look.

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