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Focusing on hot-rolled seamless pipe technology and equipment

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China Metal Society Steel Rolling Branch Held National Steel Pipe Production Technology Exchange Meeting in Taiyuan


10On January 23, the 2019 National Steel Pipe Production Technology Exchange Conference, sponsored by the Steel Rolling Branch of the China Metal Society and co-organized by Shanxi Experts and Scholars Association, Taiyuan Association of Science and Technology, Taiyuan Qing Hong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan Qing Hong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Society Service Station, was held in Taiyuan. Li Helin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ding Bo, secretary general of the Steel Rolling Branch of the Chinese Society of Metals, Yan Meirong, chairman of the Taiyuan Association for Science and Technology, Li Xiao, general manager of Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Co., Ltd., and Zhang Guoqing, chairman of Taiyuan Qinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., attended the meeting. Cheng Haitao, member of the Steel Rolling Branch of the China Metal Society, presided over the meeting.

At the opening ceremony, Yan Meirong, Ding Bo and the person in charge of the co-organizer delivered speeches. Yan Meirong said that the holding of this conference is a rare opportunity for Taiyuan to borrow wisdom and take advantage of the situation to promote leapfrog development. It is also an excellent opportunity to promote Taiyuan steel rolling enterprises to enter the fast lane. It also provides a very valuable learning opportunity for Taiyuan science and technology workers. I hope to use the power of this conference to gather insights, gather scientific and technological resources, and make friends with talents from all walks of life, encourage and promote more advanced concepts, scientific and technological achievements and leading talents to take root and bear fruit in Taiyuan, Shanxi, in order to accelerate technological innovation and transformation. Reform provides strong intellectual support and technological support.

Ding Bo believes that although the overall volume of the steel pipe industry is small, many varieties reflect the power index. The biggest goal of steel rolling, including steel pipe enterprises, should be to provide green steel products with full life cycle to downstream enterprises. He said that Taiyuan, Shanxi has always been practicing the concept of high-quality development, and various industrial products adhere to the development concept of high-tech content and green environmental protection. It is very meaningful to hold this conference here and now.

Li Xiao introduced the operation of China's steel pipe industry in the past year in the theme report. The steel pipe industry has achieved fruitful results in enterprise reform, technological innovation, structural adjustment, energy saving and emission reduction, intelligent manufacturing, etc., but the high-quality development of the steel pipe industry still faces new challenges. In the case of reduced demand for steel pipes, the type and quality of steel pipes have higher requirements, and some high-end products still need to rely on imports. He believes that to build a strong steel pipe country, first, we must expand opening up and strengthen international cooperation; second, we must increase industry concentration and strengthen corporate reform; third, we must accelerate the pace of technological innovation and corporate product adjustment; fourth, we must adhere to the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and green development; Fifth, we must promote the construction of informatization, automation and intelligent factories; sixth, we must strengthen standard formulation and improve product quality.

Professor Wang Xu, member of the Steel Rolling Branch of the China Metal Society, introduced the development of welded pipe products and equipment in the report. He pointed out that with the rapid development of pipeline construction, the domestic welded pipe construction capacity has made great progress, and intelligent and information equipment such as pipe end weld grinding robots have been widely used. However, at present, the promotion of welded pipe equipment technology also depends on foreign countries, and domestic mainly depends on imports. Therefore, we still have a long way to go in independent innovation. He said that digital pipeline construction and full life cycle management require digital handover of welded pipe manufacturing. The dangerous properties of the transmission medium, the increase of the impact of accidents brought about by the increase of transportation volume, and the upgrading of safety management have put forward higher requirements for high-pressure oil and gas transmission welded pipes. Relying on operational skills and management experience has been difficult to meet the requirements of high-end welded pipe manufacturing. Therefore, welded pipe manufacturing enterprises to automation, digital, intelligent transformation is imperative.

Sun Yongxi, director of the Expert Committee of Shanghai Steel Pipe Industry Association, discussed the high-quality development of innovative steel pipe industry. The report reviews the development context and overall situation of China's steel pipe industry, as well as the innovative trend of high-quality development of steel pipe enterprises. He believes that the five major characteristics of China's steel pipe industry are: cyclical overcapacity; Energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing are short boards. The adjustment of welded pipe market and the market expansion of seamless and stainless steel pipes are very strong. In terms of products, less than & 219 caliber accounts for 80%, while ordinary steel grade accounts for 80%In terms of geographical area, the scale of the north, the characteristics of the south, the low price of civil war, the low price of foreign war. He pointed out that in the future, the steel pipe industry must adhere to quality innovation, high-quality development, unity of brand and benefit, and benefit as the final evaluation index. The high-quality development of steel pipe enterprises must focus on specific technologies, focus on technology patents, focus on independent brands, and focus on green environmental protection.

Yang Xiuqin, an expert from the Expert Committee of China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., attended the meeting. The representatives of the excellent paper authors collected at the meeting shared their scientific research achievements.


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