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Focusing on hot-rolled seamless pipe technology and equipment

The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a "specialized and special new" enterprise in Shanxi Province, with a provincial enterprise technology center in Shanxi Province, and a R & D team composed of experts, professors, senior engineers and other professional and technical personnel.

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Cherish the customer's trust, the more customer expectations, win customer trust

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1. Equipment installation service

1) The company sends competent and experienced technical personnel to Party A's site for installation, commissioning or guidance of equipment installation, commissioning, assessment, acceptance, training, etc.

2) The company is responsible for handling the equipment installation problems belonging to Party B's equipment.

3) The company is responsible for organizing the supporting manufacturers to participate in the commissioning.

2. The company is responsible for the technical guidance of equipment installation and equipment debugging. Party A arranges relevant personnel to cooperate.

3. After the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the company will train Party A's technicians and operation and maintenance personnel in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic aspects. The content includes the composition, structure, maintenance and operation precautions of mechanical equipment, the principle of electrical system, operating procedures, maintenance points, etc., the principle of hydraulic system, maintenance points, etc.

4. During the quality assurance period of the equipment, if there is a failure during the use of the equipment, the company will reply within 12 hours after receiving the notice from Party A, and arrive at the site of Party A's users within 48 hours to fully assist the users in eliminating the obstacles.

Qing Hong shares


Cherish the customer's trust, the more customer expectations, win customer trust


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