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The second meeting of the National Working Group on Standardization of Magnetic Materials and Equipment


From July 5th to 6th, the second meeting of all members of the National Magnetic Materials and Equipment Standardization Working Group and the on-site review meeting of Hunan Provincial Local Standards "General Technical Conditions for Electromagnetic Stirrer" and "General Technical Conditions for Lifting Electromagnets" were held in Yueyang. Xiao Han, deputy director of the first Industrial Standards Department of the National Standardization Administration Commission, Li Shaoyang, director of the Standardization Department of Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision, and Wang Shunqi, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality Supervision, Jiang Yuejin, director of the Yueyang Municipal Bureau of quality Supervision, Zhao Qizhi and Zhou Zhe, deputy directors, and more than 40 members of the National working Group on Standardization of Magnetic Materials and equipment attended the meeting.

On July 5, the second meeting of all members of the national magnetic materials and equipment standardization working group listened to the work report since the first meeting of the secretariat of the national magnetic materials and equipment standardization working group, discussed the adjustment of the standard system framework of the standardization working group and the coverage of magnetic equipment products, and planned the work for the three years from 2014 to 2017. On July 6, Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision organized relevant experts to hold a local standard review meeting in Hunan Province. The standard drafting group introduced the compilation of the two standards of "general technical conditions for electromagnetic stirrer" and "general technical conditions for lifting electromagnet". The expert group consulted the preparation instructions and verification reports of the standards and standards in detail and passed the review of the two standards.

Regarding the work of the standard system revision and standardization working group, Xiao Han requested at the meeting that the standard system should be divided into levels, not limited to abolishing existing standards to draft new standards, but to absorb mature standards outside the industry, propose revisions and amendments based on existing standards, and establish a standard system as soon as possible; for strategic emerging industries, eliminate excess capacity, and have more independent intellectual property rights, standards can be declared as national standards. The formulation and revision of standards is not limited to national standards. It can be from national standards, industry standards, local standards, alliance standards, corporate standards, etc. To build at multiple levels, it is necessary to actively carry out standardization demonstration work to serve enterprises.

The National Magnetic Materials and Equipment Standardization Working Group was established in October 2012. It is composed of Mao Bin, a researcher at the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a well-known expert in the domestic electromagnetic industry, and two consultants, Professor Li Fa Shen, the former president of Lanzhou University and a doctoral supervisor, and 25 experts from relevant scientific research institutes and industry enterprises across the country. Committee, mainly responsible for permanent magnet materials, magnetic stirring equipment, magnetic lifting equipment, magnetic iron removal equipment and magnetic ore dressing equipment and other fields of national standard revision work. At present, through the advantages of talents and resources of this platform, it provides technical support for the national standard system and repair work in the field of magnetic materials and equipment, and plays a positive role in promoting the development and application of national magnetic materials and equipment technology, improving the product quality of magnetic equipment, promoting industry standardization and industrial extension, and accelerating industrial optimization and upgrading.

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