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China's first magnetic materials and equipment national standardization organization established


News from our newspaper (Duan Jiaren, Guo Yuqi, reporter Wang Rongguo) The inaugural meeting of the National Magnetic Materials and Equipment Standardization Working Group was recently held in Yueyang, Hunan. my country's first national standardization organization for magnetic materials and equipment was officially established.

Yueyang is the birthplace of magnetic equipment production and the gathering area of the national magnetic equipment industry. As the national magnetic equipment industry has no standardization organization specifically responsible for the formulation of standards in this field, magnetic equipment has long-standing problems such as few standards, low level and low standard adoption rate, which restricts the improvement of the overall quality level of magnetic equipment in China. Speeding up standardization work is an urgent requirement for the development of my country's magnetic equipment industry. The establishment of the National Magnetic Equipment Materials and Equipment Standardization Working Group conforms to the new situation of industry development and fills the gap in professional standardization work organizations in this field.

After the establishment of the National Magnetic Materials and Equipment Standardization Working Group, it will undertake the revision of national standards in the fields of magnetic materials, magnetic stirring equipment, magnetic lifting equipment, magnetic iron removal equipment, casting ingredients weighing electromagnetic equipment and its supporting electrical control equipment. The talent and resource advantages of this platform will provide technical support for the formulation and revision of national standards in the field of magnetic materials and equipment. it is of great significance to promote the development and application of national magnetic materials and equipment technology, improve the product quality of magnetic equipment, promote industry norms and industrial extension, and speed up industrial optimization and upgrading. China Quality News

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