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[Chinese Dream Labor Beauty] People Building Urban Underground Arteries


General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously promote the spirit of labor in the whole society and advocate the realization of the dream of life through honest labor. Migrant workers are a new type of labor force that has emerged since the reform and opening up, and they are an important force in building the country. Today, we come to know such an ordinary migrant worker who pursues his dream through honest labor. In the past 10 years, he has been left on subway construction sites in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing and many other cities.

Beijing subway, the main artery of Beijing city. Line 10, the subway line with the largest passenger volume, nearly 2 million people go up and down here every day. Line 10 Suzhou Street Station, close to the floor below, is the line 16 transfer station under construction. It is difficult to wear under zero distance without affecting the normal operation. Tens of thousands of tons of steel bars rely on manual binding and weaving.

Fan Yong, 53, is the leader of the construction team here. He and his workers are building reinforced concrete structures for subway ventilation ducts. The placement and density of steel bars are the key to the load-bearing of the main body of the building. The position of each steel bar and the spacing between steel bars are precisely calculated according to the load-bearing standard, and a deviation of a few centimeters is not acceptable.

The intersection of every two steel bars must be fixed by tying wires. Calculated, the entire project is densely covered with more than hundreds of millions of tying points. Fan Yong and his team of 20 people have to squat down one by one to fix.

Because the construction period is full, sometimes I have to stay underground for more than ten hours a day. Lunch is a rare time to get close to the sun. The construction is in the subway station, eating and sleeping are on the subway station. For Fan, the subway station is his home in Beijing.

Fan Yong's hometown is Xinyang, Henan Province. In 2003, he left his hometown and went to work in the city. He was a mason at first. In 2007, Fan Yong became a steel worker and began to participate in subway construction. In 10 years, from Guangzhou to Tianjin, and then from Tianjin to Beijing, he participated in the construction of 6 subway stations. Because he can bear hardships and is willing to study, Fan Yong has also grown from a steel worker to the captain of the construction team.

Before May Day, there was just a few days of cement pouring and solidification. The construction site gave Lao Fan, who had not returned home for half a year, a two-day vacation. In order to surprise her daughter Jing Jing, Lao Fan took a bullet train to get home before her daughter left school.

Four years ago, relying on the income of working outside for many years, Fan Yong planned to build a three-story building for his family. However, as an expert in building a house, he built the subway in Nanluoguxiang, Beijing, thousands of miles away. His wife can only take care of the big and small things at home.

Suzhou Street Station on Metro Line 16 is scheduled to open to traffic in June 2018. Fan Yong has been working here for 3 years, and he and his workers will spend more than 700 days here.

In places where no passengers can see, Fan Yong and his workers use their hands to build arteries connecting the city. More than 1300 workers, 49.8 kilometers of subway lines, after the opening of Line 16, 5 subway lines will be connected, and residents' travel will be smoother. At present, there are 16 rail transit lines under construction in Beijing, and more than 20000 people are directly involved in the construction of rail transit. Up to now, more than 27 cities across the country have operated subways, with a total mileage of 3300 kilometers, and an annual passenger volume of more than 13 billion passengers. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, it is expected to reach 6000 kilometers, ranking among the top in the world.

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