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Ten new academician workstations in Taiyuan


Science Herald reporter Yan Jianli On the afternoon of April 21, the awarding ceremony of the 2016 academician workstation in Taiyuan City was held, and another 10 academician workstations were added in Taiyuan City. So far, Taiyuan has established a total of 45 academician workstations.

The 10 newly added academician workstations belong to the following enterprises and institutions: Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Heavy Industry Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Qinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Taichong Coal Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanxi Suoyi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Jiaqi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Lantian Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanxi COSCO Wei Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Xishan Coal Power (Group) Co., Ltd, taiyuan traditional Chinese medicine hospital and taiyuan integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital.

According to reports, Taiyuan has introduced 54 academicians through the establishment of academician workstations, including 10 academicians of the Academy of Sciences, 42 academicians of the Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of the American Academy of Sciences, 1 famous foreign expert, and 252 experts of the academician team. Station-building enterprises and institutions have signed a total of 168 cooperation projects with academicians and expert teams, of which 83 have been successfully transformed, 14 have completed research and development, and 71 are under research and development. With the help of the academician workstation platform, a total of 356 patents have been applied for, 293 have been authorized, and 151 software copyrights have been applied for, and 149 software copyrights have been obtained. It has won 13 national awards and 25 provincial and ministerial awards. Presided over the formulation of 4 national standards and participated in the formulation of 16 national security standards; presided over the formulation of 10 industry standards and participated in the formulation of 10 industry standards; presided over the formulation of 8 provincial standards and participated in the formulation of 2 provincial standards. Four national-level enterprise technology centers and 18 provincial-level enterprise technology centers have been established. Joint training of various types of professionals 1390. Practice has proved that the academician workstation has become an important platform for Taiyuan to introduce high-end talents, transform scientific research results, and enhance independent innovation capabilities, and is playing an increasingly important role in Taiyuan's economic and social development.


It is understood that in response to problems such as weak scientific research foundation and scarcity of high-end talents, Taiyuan City began to create "academician workstations" pilot work in 2012, and the first batch of 7 academician workstations were established in December of the same year. Through the introduction of academicians and innovation teams, the academician workstation has effectively improved the starting point and height of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises in Taiyuan. At the same time, the establishment of academician workstation has also helped enterprises cultivate scientific and technological innovation teams and independent brand innovation talents, and promoted close cooperation between industry, university and research, and achieved good economic and social benefits. It is reported that the Shanxi Provincial Association for Science and Technology is responsible for the establishment, management and service of academician expert workstations in the province. In order to strengthen the construction of academician expert workstations, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology established the Shanxi Provincial Academician Expert Service Center in 2016.

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