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Focusing on hot-rolled seamless pipe technology and equipment

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2020 Seamless Steel Pipe Industry Competition Status and Market Prospect Trend Scale Forecast


2020 Seamless Steel Pipe Industry Competition Status and Market Prospect Trend Scale Forecast

In the next ten years, with China's annual investment of trillions of yuan in petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, thermal power, coal chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, metalPipeThe vision is broad.
The use of metal pipe vision
In the next ten years, with China's annual investment of trillions of yuan in petroleum, chemical, nuclear power, thermal power, coal chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, the development of metal pipes has a broad prospect. In the meantime, special metal pipes are the key to the industrial pipeline system of many pillar occupations of the national economy, such as mining, metallurgy, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, thermal power, nuclear power, coal chemical industry, military industry, ships, pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, aviation, electronics, textiles and food. Equipment has played an important role in promoting the development of the national economy and promoting national defense and infrastructure construction. In recent years, driven by the development of downstream industries, the demand for metal pipes has increased steadily, during which the proportion of special metal pipes used is getting higher and higher, the production process continues to mature, and the market has a broad vision.
metal pipe classification:
1. steel pipe
(1) Seamless steel pipe.
(2) Welded steel pipe.
(3) alloy steel pipe.
2. cast iron pipe
The connection form of cast iron pipe is divided into two kinds of socket type and flange type.
3. non-ferrous metal pipe
(l) Lead and lead alloy pipes.
(2) Copper and copper alloys.
(3) aluminum and aluminum alloy tubes.
(4) titanium and titanium alloy pipe.
4. metal wire
5. other metal materials
(1) Reinforcement for reinforced concrete structures.
(2) Rail steel.
According to the "2018-2024 China Metal Pipe Professional Shopping Mall Depth Analysis and Development of Vision Speculation Statement" by the Research Institute of China Puhua Research Institute, it appears:
Analysis of the current situation and industry concentration of metal pipe in 2020.
China's metal pipe industry through more than 50 years of development, now has a considerable planning, in recent years to adhere to the continued, rapid increase. At present, it has been widely used in oil refining, chemical industry, nuclear power, thermal power, ships, military industry, construction, aviation, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, textile and transportation and other professional industrial pipeline systems, and has become the core component of pipe equipment in the pipeline system. Through years of development, metal pipe production enterprises have formed a relatively stable competition format in the downstream professional category. From the point of view of the distribution of production enterprises, China's metal pipe production enterprises will first be scattered in North China (mainly Hebei), East China (mainly Jiangsu, Zhejiang) and Northeast Liaoning, the regional concentration is higher. In the meantime, the output value of normal temperature, normal pressure and carbon steel products in Hebei and Liaoning enterprises is larger, and ZhejiangWenzhouThe general price of stainless steel products is low, and the market share of special metal pipe products in Jiangsu enterprises is high.
2020 metal pipe career planning trend speculation
As a key accessory for the transportation of fluid substances in the downstream profession, the demand for metal pipes in shopping malls is primarily influenced by the fixed asset contributions of downstream industrial enterprises. In recent years, China's overall economic situation is outstanding, fixed assets capital contribution adhere to a steady increase, for the metal pipe enterprises to bring a huge space to carry out. From 2015 to 2017, the annual compound growth rate of China's total social fixed assets contribution (excluding farmers) reached 4.6 percent, reaching 63168.4 billion billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 7.2 percent over the same period last year. In the meantime, the capital contribution (excluding farmers) for the purchase of fixed assets for equipment and tools in 2017 reached 11637.84 billion yuan, an increase of 4% over 2016. According to the industrial situation of China during the 2016, the capital contribution of metal pipes accounts for about 1.7 of the purchase cost of equipment, tools and appliances in the capital contribution of fixed assets. According to this calculation, the planning of China's metal pipe professional shopping mall reached 197.84 billion yuan in 2017. Limited by various conditions such as qualification certification, production capacity, technical reserves, and sales channels, some enterprises in the profession will gather superior resources to develop high value-added and high-barrier occupations such as chemical industry, nuclear power, thermal power, and military industry, and take the road of specialization.
1. 2018-2024 China's metal pipe professional macro speculation
In 2017, the domestic output value of steel pipes was about 80 million tons and the export value was about 8.2 million tons. It is estimated that the demand for steel pipes in China's shopping malls increased slightly in 2018, about 85 million tons, during which 8.5 million tons were exported. It is estimated that 56 million tons of welded pipe and 29 million tons of seamless pipe in 2018. Welded pipe export 4.3 million tons, seamless steel pipe export 4.2 million tons.
Through the development of nearly ten years, China's steel pipe industry has been continuously optimized and improved in terms of product structure, quality level, technical equipment, etc., which provides an important raw material guarantee for the rapid development of the national economy. With China's economy entering the new normal, the development of steel pipe occupation is also facing an important inflection point, steel pipe consumption has been maintained at a low level for a long time, occupation has basically reached the peak output value area platform, de-capacity has become the need of occupation development, relying on innovation-driven, change the way of development, promote transformation and upgrading has become the inevitable path of enterprise survival.
At present, the low-end products of steel pipe consumer shopping malls still dominate, the competition in the category of low-end welded steel pipes is fierce, there are many domestic manufacturers, and the price competition is more intense. With the continuous deepening of supply-side reform, some backward production capacity that fails to meet the requirements of the specification has been gradually shut down and withdrawn, the layout of "small, scattered and chaotic" occupations has been improved, the concentration has been further improved, and the occupation is moving towards a benign and orderly trend. In the category of high-end welded steel pipes, the competition environment of these products in domestic shopping malls is relatively good, and the supplier structure is relatively stable. The state-owned enterprises and late-developing large-scale private enterprises in the petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgical system and steel production enterprises are mainly the state-owned enterprises and the private welded steel pipe enterprises generally prefer economic benefits, and the share of the output value of private welded steel pipe enterprises in the total output value of welded steel pipe is also rising.
In terms of world competitions, although my country is a major steel pipe manufacturing and exporting country in the world, it has not established a complete global sales network and service system. It is still in its infancy in terms of global layout. In addition, the price advantage of exports has been weakened. In the category of low-end welded steel pipes, the domestic steel pipe world competition is gradually weakening, and the prospects are not optimistic. In the category of medium and high-end welded steel pipes, developed countries and regions such as the United States, the European Union, Canada and Japan have obvious technical advantages in the production of oil well pipes, oil well casings and high-grade welded steel pipes for oil and gas transportation. Many key pipeline projects in the world have not selected my country's welded pipes, and my country's world competition in the category of medium and high-end welded steel pipes is weak.
What is the trend of metal pipe occupation?
As early as ten years ago, only two people were on duty for the three compact sets of the spiral welded pipe pre-precision welding units of Germany's Sarskida Company, and all six sets of surface and surface welding systems realized unmanned operation and automatic collection and control of all welding data. Steel pipe production line unmanned that is intelligent is the direction.
We comply with this fundamental development trend, to be efficient, benefit the people's livelihood, talk about the increase of quality, to achieve high-quality development talent to truly become a high-income country, this is China's current economic adoption of a strategy. The key to steel pipe enterprises lies in quality, not in high-end products. The key to quality lies in the consistency of quality. The consistency of various objectives such as the performance and product appearance of mass-produced steel pipes is the embodiment of the vitality of steel pipe enterprises in the future. To carry out high-quality steel pipe enterprises is the fundamental idea to win in the next few years.
Analysis of career prospect of seamless steel pipe
On the basis of summarizing the development process of China's steel pipe profession, combined with various elements in the new period, the seamless steel pipe career statement of China Research Institute and Puhua Research Institute gives a careful and prudent guess to prove the development trend of China's metal pipe profession. Detailed presentation information, rich charts, both in-depth analysis, and intuitive comparison, for metal pipe enterprises in the fierce shopping mall competition insight into the first opportunity, can accurately and timely adjust their own environment business strategy.

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