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The Information Office of the Provincial Government held a press conference to introduce the situation of the second "Tour of the Pacific" International Road Cycling Race in 2020.


On the morning of September 29, the provincial government information office held a press conference. Jiao Binlong, deputy mayor of Taiyuan Municipal People's Government, Cheng Zhongping, second-level inspector of the Provincial Sports Bureau, Wang Zhiyong, representative of Huachen Sports Holding Group, Hu Shiling, deputy magistrate of Zuoyun County, Datong City, Li Yulan, deputy magistrate of Youyu County, Shuozhou City, and Wu Xiaodong, chairman of Shanxi Jiuniu Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., introduced the situation of the second "Tour Taiyuan" International Road 2020 and answered questions.


provincial party committee propaganda department second-level inspector yang daming: 

Friends Journalists:

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the press conference of the provincial government information office.

The second 2020 "Tour of the Pacific" International Road Cycling Race will be held from October 11th to 16th. The theme of this race is "Riding Shanxi and Reading History.

In order to help people from all walks of life better understand the relevant situation, today we invite Jiao Binlong, vice mayor of Taiyuan Municipal people's Government, Cheng Zhongping, second-class inspector of the Provincial Sports Bureau, Wang Zhiyong, representative of Huacheng Sports holding Group, Hu Shiling, deputy magistrate of Zuoyun County, Shuozhou City, Li Yulan, deputy magistrate of Youyu County, Shuozhou City, and Wu Xiaodong, chairman of Shanxi Jiuniu Cuniu Cuniu Cow to introduce the second 2020 the second session of Shanxi Jiu Cow.

First of all, I would like to invite Cheng Zhongping, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Sports Bureau, to introduce the main contents of the competition and the overall preparations.


provincial sports bureau secondary inspector cheng zhongping: 

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of the press:

Good morning, everyone! Sports make the city full of vitality, the city because of sports shine. In May last year, 2019's first "Ring Taiyuan" International Road Cycling made a preliminary test. 20 top international teams traveled a thousand miles around Taiyuan to enjoy the scroll of ancient culture. Shanxi, which was supported by the event, became the focus of worldwide attention. Yesterday's cheers are still in my ears, and the wheels are already coming. One year later, the much-anticipated 2020 second "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race will meet you again.

The theme of this competition is "riding in Shanxi and reading history", which is in line with the theme of "traveling to Shanxi and reading history" of the sixth tourism development conference of Shanxi Province in 2020. It is the continuation, warming and development of the first international road cycling race held in our province last year, which is the general idea of "four for four high and two synchronization" of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, implement the decision-making and deployment of sports work and the "Healthy China · Shanxi Action Implementation Opinions", focus on the construction of "Sports Shanxi, Healthy Shanxi, and Happy Shanxi", and comprehensively promote the important practice of high-quality development of sports in our province in the post-second youth period. The event adheres to the concept of "sports" integrated development, promotes the three major tourism sector brands of the Yellow River, the Great Wall, and Taihang in our province, and promotes Shanxi's development achievements on the basis of the "two turns" and the new look and image of Shanxi.

Under the strong support and guidance of the China Cycling Association, the current "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race is jointly held by Shanxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Huachen Sports Holding Group Co., Ltd. and five municipal governments of Taiyuan, Datong, Shuozhou, Luliang and Yangquan, and is scheduled to be held from October 11 to 16, 2020. The event is divided into six stages:

Stage 1: Taiyuan Dongshan Stage

11 October

Starting point: Shanxi Fu Ya Museum (the former site of the Governor's House on Fudong Street), ending point: Changfeng East Street.

The second stage: Luliang Huanghe No.1 stage

12 October

Starting point: Linxian Qikou ancient town, end point: Linxian babao town.

Stage 3: Shuozhou Youyu Stage

13 October

Starting point: Youyu Cultural and Sports Activity Center, ending point: Kill Hukou Scenic Area.

Stage 4: Datong Great Wall

14 October

Starting point: Zuoyun Dongshan Forest Park, ending point: Datong Yungang Grottoes Scenic Area.

Stage 5: Yangquan Taihang Mountain Stage

October 15

Starting point: Tibetan Mountain Tourist Scenic Area Square, ending point: Niangziguan Scenic Area.

The sixth stage: Taiyuan Xishan stage

16 October

Starting point: Shanxi Sports Center, ending point: Yuquan Mountain Park.

This year, affected by the global outbreak of new crown pneumonia, foreign teams are restricted, we will be in the domestic registration of intercontinental teams, provincial and municipal teams, club teams in the preferred 10 teams with international standards to participate, fully demonstrate the professional drivers to bring us the wonderful skills. At the same time, in each stage, we will also organize cycling activities for amateur athletes, so that the majority of cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the joy of riding.

Shanxi has excellent geographical advantages, mountains, basins, hills, canyons and other topography and landforms are extremely diverse. The Yellow River, the Great Wall and Taihang can be called wonders of the world. Shanxi has a profound cultural heritage. The remains of ancient buildings here are unique in China, the Xiongguan Pass is dotted, the nation is integrated and culturally diverse, the legend of Shanxi merchants is famous at home and abroad, the revolutionary heroes survive forever, and the red gene is passed on from generation to generation. It is the cradle of Chinese civilization and the important birthplace of the Chinese nation. Lou Yangsheng, secretary of the provincial party committee, once said, "Walking into Shanxi is like walking into the Chinese History Museum. Traveling to Shanxi is reading history." And this eye-catching countless cycling race is also a perfect combination of the magnificent mountains and rivers, famous monuments, historical and cultural pearls of the Sanjin land. Wherever the wheels go, sections are beautiful scenery, and every inch is a pure cultural land. Professional athletes will travel through the city with thousands of spectators, cross the countryside, cross the Yellow River, cross the Taihang, cross the Great Wall, enjoy the scenery of the Three Jin Dynasties, listen to the history, and put the deep and magnificent beauty of the mountains and rivers on the outside into memory.

I believe that this competition will not only be a sports activity, but also an important link to promote the joint development of sports and culture, tourism, and health care industries. It is to expand the opening up and publicity exchanges of our province, and promote the transformation and upgrading of our province's industries. The "golden business card" to promote a healthy lifestyle ". We are also confident to turn the "Tour of Taiyuan" international road cycling race into a Shanxi version of the "Tour of Qinghai Lake" international race, with Taiyuan as the core, radiating all over Shanxi, and gradually expanding to 11 cities in the province. In the future, it will cover Henan, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, so as to enrich the Yellow River, the Great Wall and the Golden Triangle of Taihang, improve the popularity and reputation of Shanxi, and promote the integrated development of "sports, for the" sports Shanxi, health Shanxi, happiness Shanxi "construction contribution positive force.

In addition to the fixed subsidy of the Provincial Sports Bureau and the difference between the stages of each city, the organizing committee will entrust the provincial key enterprise Huacheng Sports Holding Group Co., Ltd. to operate and raise the funds, which is also a strong promotion for the re-sailing and re-development of the sports industry in our province. The local government, sports bureau, provincial bicycle fencing ball sports center, provincial bicycle association, epidemic prevention, transportation, public security and other departments at all levels will coordinate and cooperate to ensure that all guarantees for the event are in place and the competition is complete and smooth.

We also sincerely hope that all the contestants can achieve excellent results and deduce the new legend of the road cycling race! We also sincerely welcome friends from the media to pay attention to the event, watch the event and publicize the event, so as to contribute to the success of the "round the Pacific" international road cycling race. In addition, in accordance with the spirit requirements of the State Sports General Administration's ''Scientific and Orderly Resumption of Sports Events and Activities to Promote the Resumption of Work and Production of the Industry'', combined with the actual situation of our province, with the strong support of the municipal governments, and under the premise of strictly implementing the prevention and control plan, In the near future, there will be a number of national events in our province, and provincial events will be gradually and orderly development.

Finally, I sincerely thank you for your long-term concern and support for the sports work in the whole province. Thank you all!


provincial party committee propaganda department second-level inspector yang daming: 

thank you, comrade cheng zhongping, for your introduction.

Next, I would like to invite Jiao Binlong, Vice Mayor of Taiyuan Municipal People's Government, to introduce the preparations for the Taiyuan stage.


deputy mayor of taiyuan city people's government jiao binlong:

Friends of the press:

Hello, everyone! welcome to today's press conference. Next, I will briefly introduce the preparations for the relevant events and activities in Taiyuan as follows:

The second 2020 "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race will be held from October 11 to 16, mainly in Taiyuan City, radiating Datong City, Shuozhou City, Luliang City and Yangquan City, and is divided into six stages. The two starting stages of Dongshan and Xishan were held in Taiyuan's picturesque Dongxishan Tourist Highway.

The first day of the Dongshan race is dominated by the Dongshan tourist highway, with a total length of about 97.2 kilometers. After the start of the race on October 11, the participating teams will start from Shanxi Fuya Museum (the former site of Fudong Street Governor's Mansion), pass through Fuxi Street, Binhe East Road, Kangxi Highway, Beishan Tourist Highway, Yangqu County, Red Dianzidai Village, Dongshan Tourist Highway and other places, and return after arriving at Changfeng East Street.

On the sixth day, the Xishan stage was dominated by the Xishan tourist road, with a total length of about 113.5 kilometers. The Xishan stage is also the first track of the "2019 Tour of the Pacific International Road Cycling Race", this year, combined with the actual consideration of the domestic epidemic to compress the stage. On October 16th, the participating teams started from the Red Lantern Sports Center of Shanxi Province, passing through Xinjinci Road, Yingbin Road, Tianlong Mountain Road, Xishan Tourist Highway, Wanmu Ecological Park, Duguan Line, Taike Line, Chai Road, etc. And finally arrived at the destination Yuquanshan Park.

In order to bring the "Tour of Taiyuan" international road cycling race closer to the public and let the people experience the infinite charm of the road cycling race, we will also hold mass fitness public cycling activities at the same time, so that ordinary cycling enthusiasts can ride with professional athletes on the professional cycling track and experience professional race services, More than 800 cyclists from the city will participate as scheduled. The starting point of the national fitness public riding tour is located in Shanxi Fuya Museum (the former site of the Governor's Mansion on Fudong Street), passing through Fuxi Street, Binhe East Road, and ending at the west gate of Forest Park, with a total length of 6.2 kilometers.

The Dongxishan Tourism Highway, which started the race, was built in November 2018 and completed in June 2020, with a total length of 229.5 kilometers, winding and connecting 200 natural and cultural landscapes, traditional villages and 20 suburban forest parks along the route. The whole East and West Mountain race along the green mountains and green waters, birds and flowers, fresh air, beautiful, is "Splendid Taiyuan City" a beautiful business card. The red and blue track built through ingenuity surrounds the lush top of Yuquan Mountain and hangs in the sky like a rainbow, adding infinite charm to this charming net red road. The athletes travel between the east and west mountains to participate in the competition, as if "people are swimming in the painting". Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, but also the fresh air rich in negative oxygen ions greatly reduces the fatigue of athletes, can effectively improve the performance of athletes, and make the originally arduous and intense cycling race present a warm and comfortable!

Sports make the city full of vitality, and the city is full of vitality because of sports. Holding the second 2020 "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race is the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government resolutely implementing the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important expositions on sports work and inspecting Shanxi's important speech, adhering to the "people-centered" development concept, and fully implementing The national strategy of national fitness, in-depth implementation of the provincial party committee's "four for four highs and two synchronization" overall ideas and requirements, speed up the construction of "sports Shanxi, health Shanxi, happiness Shanxi" specific measures. Taiyuan city has the advantages of excellent location, perfect function, flat terrain, wide road, pleasant climate, no severe cold in winter, no hot summer in summer, and suitable temperature and humidity. It has a good environment and facilities for holding high-standard bicycle events. At the same time, Taiyuan has a broad and deep mass base of cycling. Last year, in addition to holding the International Road Cycling Race around Taiyuan, the China BMX Cycling League, the China Track Cycling League, the China BMX Bicycle Freestyle League and the China Mountain Biking League, as the second Youth League test race, were also included in the 2019 national cycling competition by the China Cycling Association, which has cultivated rich experience in organizing the competition. Especially in recent years, the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have insisted on the integration of mountain, water, gas, and city governance, and the "Splendid Taiyuan City" is reappearing. With the completion of the ecological restoration project of 1.2 million square meters of Xishan and 1.35 million square meters of Dongshan, "the western mountains on the water are like hanging screens and 30 miles of gloom" has once again become the common portrayal of the beautiful scenery of the eastern and western mountains. With the completion of the comprehensive treatment project of Fenhe River and "Jiuhe River", the beautiful scenery of jasper-like water has been displayed again. With the implementation of air pollution prevention and control measures such as "transformation, the" two blue "that appeared last year has become the norm in Taiyuan; with the convenient parks and leisure places all over the city, the rich and diversified fitness trails, sports facilities and fitness venues continue to improve, and the green coverage rate is as high as 43.38. It provides a very good foundation for the broad masses of people to go out of their homes, close to the green, love the green, and fitness sports.

We will show the city charm of Taiyuan through sports events, actively show the fruitful development achievements of Shanxi in recent years to the whole country, further build the three new tourism brands of the Yellow River, the Great Wall and Taihang, and promote the construction of bicycle tracks in Taiyuan. We will improve all kinds of hardware elements, build a complete bicycle lane network, and comprehensively improve the level of specialization, refinement and standardization of events in accordance with the requirements of holding competitions. Create a first-class environment for the competition, efforts to build Taiyuan into a first-class facilities, first-class service, first-class environment bicycle city.

Today's press conference marks that all staff at all levels and departments in Taiyuan have arrived on standby. I believe that with the care and support of leaders at all levels, enthusiastic enterprises, news media, and all sectors of society, 2020 the second "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race will definitely be able to present a game with Shanxi characteristics and Taiyuan charm for friends across the country. Bicycle feast.

Here, I also specially invite friends from all over the country to visit Taiyuan and experience the blue sky and clear water and beautiful scenery of Taiyuan. At the same time, I also send a sincere invitation to all media friends, hoping that you will pass on the wonderful event and beautiful city scenery. More than 440 million people in Taiyuan will welcome guests and friends from all directions with the greatest enthusiasm and thoughtful service!

Finally, I wish the second "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race in 2020 a complete success!

Thank you all!


provincial party committee propaganda department second-level inspector yang daming:

Thank you, Comrade Jiao Binlong, for your introduction.

The following began to answer questions from reporters. According to the usual practice, before asking questions, journalists are requested to inform them of the name of their news organization.


China Economic Times reporter:

What is the significance of China Warship Sports Holding Group to host the second "Tour of the Pacific" international road cycling race? What other measures are there in the future?


Wang Zhiyong, representative of China Ship Sports Holding Group: 

Thank you for this reporter's question. Huashuan Sports Holding Group is the flagship of the sports industry in our province. Huashuan Sports will implement "Sports Shanxi, Healthy Shanxi, and Happy Shanxi" as the group's mission. Huashuan Group actively pursues social benefits while pursuing economic benefits. To host the second "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race in 2020 is to show the people of Shanxi a high-level cycling event, enrich the cultural life of the people of Shanxi, and promote the development of cycling. This competition will take Taiyuan as the center and radiate the whole of Shanxi. While promoting the development of cycling in the whole province through the competition, it can also show the local conditions and customs of Shanxi to the world, show the long and profound history and culture of Shanxi, especially the green mountains and green waters of Shanxi. This competition will definitely increase the popularity of Shanxi, attract international investment, and let the world understand a new Shanxi with a beautiful environment, a long history and rapid development.

Sports events are an important carrier for the development of sports, and hosting international and domestic events is an important function entrusted to Huachuan Group by the provincial party committee and provincial government. in the future, Huachuan Group will first strive to create Huachuan sports brand events with Shanxi characteristics and design sports events around the "Yellow River, the Great Wall and Taihang". Second, we should strive for more high-quality events to land in Shanxi, it is necessary to actively bid for high-quality events with high public attention and participation from international sports organizations and various sports management centers of the State Sports General Administration. So that the people of Shanxi can watch more high-level sports events; the third is to explore the formation and development of the sports event extension industry, and build Shanxi into a famous domestic event province.

Thank you!


shanxi legal newspaper reporter: 

Zuoyun County has successfully hosted a number of national road cycling races for three consecutive years. What experience and results have been achieved?


Hu Shiling, deputy magistrate of Zuoyun County, Datong City: 

Thank you for this reporter's question. Since 2018, under the careful deployment of the county party committee and county government, and with the care and support of the national and provincial and municipal sports departments, our county has successively hosted a number of national road cycling races. In my opinion, the reason why we can host these events well is inseparable from the following four factors:

First, a good location advantage is the basis for a good event. Zuoyun County is located in the hilly area of the Loess Plateau in northern Shanxi Province. The provincial scenic spot of Motianling crosses the north. There are many old castles and fenghou in the Great Wall, which is called "natural Great Wall Museum". The territory has beautiful scenery and shade and is known as "natural oxygen bar". Sufficient light and the geological cultivation of small grains and potatoes formed in the Tertiary volcanic area become natural organic food. Up to 45.03 coverage, it has become a national ecological demonstration area, which provides "primitive, beautiful and heavy" capital for Zuoyun to develop cultural tourism. The unique geography and good environment make it an ideal destination for subplateau training and competition for sports athletes and the best place for aerobic and anaerobic training for cyclists. To this end, after on-the-spot investigation by leaders and experts of the State General Administration of Sports, the China Cycling Association and the Provincial Sports Bureau, they agreed that Zuoyun met the requirements and standards of the event and decided to hold a series of road cycling events in Zuoyun.

Second, strict organization and leadership is the key to running the event well. The national brand series road cycling race is of high level, large scale and wide influence. In order to make the race unique and level, the leaders of Datong municipal Party committee and municipal government have made important arrangements for many times. The main leaders of Zuoyun county Party committee and county government have led the establishment of the organizing committee, formulated the implementation plan of a series of bicycle races, and set up 17 working groups, including comprehensive coordination, track guarantee and safety guarantee, medical guarantee, logistics guarantee, news report, each group and relevant departments have compacted their responsibilities at various levels, and achieved the goal of setting personnel and posts and responsibilities, forming a pragmatic, efficient, coordinated and orderly mechanism from top to bottom. At the same time, the bid-winning company has also formulated a work plan with clear tasks and clear responsibilities, and closely connected with our county throughout the process to ensure the effective connection of the various tasks of the event.

Third, a first-class track is the guarantee of a good race. The Zuoyun County Party Committee and the county government have fully implemented the National Fitness Regulations and the Healthy China 2030 Plan. In recent years, they have launched a green channel construction project for riding, creating a 100-kilometer bicycle that "overlooks the Great Wall, crosses the forest, and enjoys the coolness". Ring track. Not only has the ecological environment management project focusing on ecological restoration along the track been rolled out successively, and 10,000 mu of rape flower sightseeing belt has been built, but also a number of cultural and amorous feelings demonstration villages of Great Wall people and ancient castle people have been laid out on both sides of the track. Especially in the fourth stage of the second "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race in 2020, it starts from Dongshan Forest Park in Zuoyun County at the foot of the Ming Great Wall in the west, travels through thousands of years of history, and reaches the world-famous art treasure house Yungang Grottoes in the east. The contestants feel the visual impact of the beautiful scenery in the competition, and let their mood fly in the competition, experience the ecological beauty of Zuoyun, taste of the cultural landscape, and the profound exchange of world cultural heritage.

Fourth, the strong atmosphere magnifies the impact of the event. Before the event, the county government held a special press conference in Taiyuan, inviting more than 30 media inside and outside the province to participate, and focused on the feature films of "Zuoyun Scenery" and "Drunk Beauty Zuoyun". During the event, a number of national and provincial mainstream media and websites highlighted the theme of "sharing the joy of riding and enjoying the scenery of the border fortress" and reported the event in an all-round way, of which the website broadcast reached 12.55 million; the county's "Zuoyun Today", Zuoyun TV Station and Zuoyun government website published more than 100 drafts of various competitions. The three-dimensional interaction of the national, provincial, municipal and county media has created a strong atmosphere of public opinion for the event, effectively promoted Zuo Yun's new image of opening to the outside world, and enhanced Zuo Yun's popularity, reputation and influence at home and abroad.

A series of competitions have "moved" athletes, referees and spectators to Zuoyun, and their consumption of food, housing, transportation, shopping and entertainment has also been "transferred" to Zuoyun. The competitions have been set up and the economy has been singing. Zuoyun's industries enjoy the big cake of "competition +. "Event +" adds Zuoyun Sports's step-by-step ascent, as well as Zuoyun Green, Zuoyun Blue and Zuoyun Mei's rising. Under the guidance of a series of events, in the past three years, the average annual growth of tourism revenue in Zuoyun County has reached 25%, and the total tourism revenue in 2019 has reached 2.04 billion yuan, showing a trend of increasing year by year. This year, China Ship Sports Holding Group's bicycle town, bicycle industrial park, bicycle experience hall project has settled in Zuoyun. Benefiting from the rapid development of cultural tourism industry, the added value of the tertiary industry in the county has reached 41.1, and it has been deeply integrated with the primary industry and the tertiary industry, which has stimulated the new vitality and creativity of Zuoyun, promoted the new pace of Zuoyun's transformation and development, and brought rich economic and social effects to Zuoyun.

Thank you!


Consumer Daily reporter: 

What are the advantages and characteristics of Youyu's road cycling race? What are the expectations and prospects for the upcoming second "Tour of Taiyuan" international road cycling race in 2020?


Shuozhou Youyu County Deputy Magistrate Li Yulan: 

Thank you for this reporter's question. Holding a road cycling race in Youyu has the following four obvious advantages and characteristics:

One is to explore the brilliant and heavy Xikou culture. Youyu is the fusion place of the farming civilization of the Central Plains and the nomadic civilization of the north. It is an important channel for modern immigrants to live in the border and Jin business to travel to Mongolia. It is the intersection of the Wanli Tea Ceremony and the Great Wall. The tournament passes through the old city of the right guard, killing tiger mouth and other tourist attractions.

Second, you can experience the unique charm of ecological health care. Youyu is a national ecological demonstration area, the first batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration counties, and the practice and innovation base of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". It is the only county-wide national 4A-level tourist attraction in Shanxi Province and enjoys the reputation of "Saishang Oasis. The average annual temperature is 4.2 ℃, and the number of days with excellent air quality above Grade II reaches 305 days, which is very suitable for holding cultural and sports events.

Third, you can feel the unique passion of sports. Right jade territory surrounded by mountains, rolling hills, dynamic, very suitable for sports. In recent years, our county has conscientiously implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic goal of building a sports power and a healthy China, and deeply tapped the potential of the sports industry. it has successfully held and hosted a number of national events, such as the national short-track car rally, the cross-country motorcycle championship, the ecological international marathon, the city football super league, the equestrian race of the second National Youth Games, and the 2019 China Road Cycling League. The unique natural ecological track of this competition organically connects cities, scenic spots, grasslands, Loess Plateau and hilly areas, covering the classic landscape of Saishang oasis, showing the ecological beauty of Youyu, with a strong visual impact, and the effect of the competition is prominent.

Fourth, it can withstand the spiritual baptism that shocks the soul. The Youyu spirit nurtured in 70 years of afforestation and greening has been highly affirmed by General Secretary Xi Jinping and has given important instructions six times. Youyu has become a red spiritual tourist destination, and Youyu Cadre College has become an important education base for party members and cadres in the country. To the right jade, can feel the beauty, enjoy the beauty, but also can purify the soul.

For Youyu, this event is not only a national event, but also an important window to show Youyu to the outside world. We hope that through this event, we can show the beautiful natural scenery, unique historical culture and economic and social development achievements of Youyu to the people of the whole country, endow Youyu spirit with new era connotation, and further enhance Youyu's popularity and reputation. At the same time, seize this opportunity to promote the integrated development of sports, ecology, and tourism, and strive to build important domestic road cycling, marathon, ice and snow sports and other sports event bases, promote the high-quality development of sports, and contribute to "Sports Shanxi, Healthy Shanxi, and Happiness" Shanxi "makes new and greater contributions.

Thank you!


Shanxi News Network reporter:

As a local dairy enterprise, what is the original intention of Jiuniu Animal Husbandry to sponsor the second "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race in 2020, and what are its plans for sports in the future?


Wu Xiaodong, Chairman of Shanxi Jiuniu Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd: 

Thank you for this reporter's question. Jiuniu animal husbandry is a local dairy enterprise in Shanxi Province. After more than ten years of development, Jiuniu animal husbandry has grown into a provincial key leading enterprise integrating dairy farming, feed planting, production and processing, chain sales, cold chain distribution and the integration of three industries. For a long time, the company has always been adhering to the product concept of green, healthy, fresh and safe, creating a real sense of "Taiyuan people's milk, their own ranch", so that Taiyuan citizens can drink the best quality, freshest and safest milk.

Jiuniu Animal Husbandry is an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, willing to take on and able to take on. In early 2020, the outbreak of new crown pneumonia had a huge impact on the development of the dairy industry. Jiuniu Animal Husbandry reviewed the situation, did not stop work, did not stop production, did not increase prices, strengthened food safety, adjusted development strategies, and protected the health of the whole people. In order to reverse the "side effects" of the epidemic and promote industrial development, it provided the "Jiuniu Plan". Nearly 500 portions of milk and bread are donated every day to the medical staff fighting the epidemic in six hospitals in Taiyuan. Through the Qixian Red Cross Society and the Taiyuan Red Cross Society, the support and condolences of the Jiuniu people were sent to the medical staff. The three donations were worth more than 900,000 yuan.

Jiuniu Animal Husbandry is an enterprise that integrates sports and health, and advocates reasonable sports supplement nutrition to promote healthy growth. Since 2017, it has named and sponsored the Taiyuan International Marathon for four consecutive years, helping the annual number of participants in the Taiyuan International Marathon to exceed 36000. With the growth of the Taiyuan International Marathon into a double gold event, it has attracted the attention and appreciation of marathon enthusiasts around the world. In recent years, Jiuniu animal husbandry has increased its investment in research and development, and has launched batch after batch of healthy fresh dairy products with high nutrition, high quality and good absorption, which are more suitable for the majority of sports people, so as to provide necessary protein nutrition for everyone.

As the main sponsor and naming company of the second "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race in 2020, we believe that we will certainly provide fresh, nutritious and healthy logistics supplies for the participants of the "Tour of Taiyuan" International Road Cycling Race; we will certainly contribute to "Sports Shanxi, Healthy Shanxi, Happy Shanxi"; we will certainly inject new vitality into the promotion of Taiyuan and the healthy, sustainable and prosperous development of the economy.

Facing the future, Jiuniu Animal Husbandry has even launched the "Jiuniu Sports Club" to implement a healthy lifestyle of reasonable exercise and nutrition supplement into every day in the future, focusing on the health cultivation of ordinary people, using years of measured data to match more questions with nutritious and healthy milk packages, and is committed to improving the physical health index of Taiyuan people in the future. The implementation of these plans is an innovative breakthrough in the transformation of the role of Jiuniu Animal Husbandry from a dairy producer to a health service provider, integrating health knowledge, health services, and health products to create higher value for consumers.

Jiuniu Animal Husbandry also hopes to win the understanding and trust, attention and affirmation of more citizens through this event. Here, I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to friends from all walks of life who have always supported and helped the development of Jiuniu. I hope Jiuniu will become a health and nutrition expert around you.

Finally, I wish the second "Tour of the Pacific" International Road Cycling Race of the Jiuniu Animal Husbandry 2020 a complete success!

Thank you all!

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