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Focusing on hot-rolled seamless pipe technology and equipment

The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a "specialized and special new" enterprise in Shanxi Province, with a provincial enterprise technology center in Shanxi Province, and a R & D team composed of experts, professors, senior engineers and other professional and technical personnel.

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[Report on National Science and Technology Workers' Day Series ⑧] Zhang Guoqing: Strie for Excellence and Create Excellent Products


Industry-University-Research Alliance Fruits


■ Science Herald reporter Fan Chen

In 1987, after graduating from Taiyuan University of Technology, Zhang Guoqing was assigned to Taiyuan Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd. to work in manufacturing process design and metallurgical equipment design. Although his major was not appropriate, he stayed in his post for 10 years. In the past 10 years, Zhang Guoqing has never learned about steel pipe equipment, and he has gradually developed a great interest in steel pipe equipment. In 1997, Zhang Guoqing suddenly had the idea of starting a business. He wanted to take steel pipe equipment abroad, dreaming of making China's steel pipe equipment a pillar of the world economy. So in 2005, he quit his job as an "iron rice bowl" and rented an office with five members to start a business.

Although there were many difficulties at the beginning of the business, Zhang Guoqing still founded Taiyuan Qinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. with his belief in his heart. In 2006, he was favored by Jinan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and worked with them to design 344 micro-tension reducing units, which were unanimously recognized by experts and leaders. In the same year, he also talked about the project of building industrial, academic and research alliances with various universities across the country. "the implementation of the project construction of the industry-university-research alliance not only helps enterprises find an effective way of technological innovation, but also finds a feasible way to improve the theoretical and practical ability of students by deepening cooperation." Zhang Guoqing said. Subsequently, the company he founded entered a period of rapid development.

Zhang Guoqing has provided many high-quality steel pipe production lines for many domestic steel pipe manufacturers through production, learning, research and independent innovation, and has also brought good economic and social benefits to many private enterprises. In 2008, Zhang Guoqing won a project that took more than three years-"21-meter large-scale annular high-efficiency regenerative energy-saving heating furnace". This project can not only cooperate with China Jingye Co., Ltd., but also be widely used in the main production lines of enterprises all over the country after successful research and development.


Innovative products for attacking technical problems


In 2009, the "large-scale annular heating furnace high-efficiency regenerative combustion system" independently designed and developed by Zhang Guoqing was included in the major independent innovation special project of Taiyuan Science and Technology Plan. This project not only fills the technical gap in the production of hot-rolled seamless steel pipes in Shanxi Province, but also saves more than 500 million yuan in fuel costs for production enterprises.

The reporter learned in the interview that the "high-efficiency energy storage combustion system for large-scale annular heating furnace" mainly adopts a self-breathing continuous combustion regenerative combustion system. Through the exchange technology of large four-chamber, four-way reversing valve and honeycomb heat accumulator, the continuous combustion of self-breathing is realized, and the continuous, stable and sufficient combustion of the burner is ensured.

The successful research and development of "high-efficiency energy storage combustion system for large-scale annular heating furnace" not only greatly improves the gas temperature, but also fully burns the volatile "parts" in the gas, and greatly reduces the emission of harmful components in the flue gas, thus realizing that the preheating of cold air entering the furnace during combustion reaches 1000 ℃, the temperature of exhaust gas is also reduced from 500 ℃ to below 150 ℃, and the energy-saving effect also reaches 30%, it really solves the limitations of the traditional pulse regenerative combustion technology in the application of the ring furnace.

In 2011, the project of "high efficiency regenerative combustion system of large annular furnace" won the second prize of excellent science and technology project of Taiyuan City, while the project of "intelligent control system development of seamless steel tube continuous rolling mill" was listed as a special project of scientific and technological cooperation between Taiyuan City and Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013. The newly developed product "welded pipe seamless complete sets of unit equipment and key technologies" was listed as a special fund for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanxi Province in 2014.

In 2015, the first domestic set of Φ60 hot-rolled small-diameter thin-walled seamless steel pipe two-roll cross-rolling production unit with pipe end sharpening technology independently developed by Zhang Guoqing replaced the backward pipe rolling unit of "perforated cold drawing (rolling)" production of small-diameter seamless steel pipes required to be eliminated in the 12th Five-Year Development Plan of China's Iron and Steel Industry, the research and development of this new product has overcome the industry problem that China's hot rolling process cannot produce high-end small-diameter seamless steel pipes such as Φ28 and Φ32.


Zhang Guoqing is very proud of the innovative research and development of these products. He told reporters: "over the years, we have built a series of high-quality projects with such advanced science and technology. In line with the development concept of continuous innovation and honesty, we have realized the rapid development of the company." In this way, Zhang Guoqing has always adhered to his belief in his heart and achieved success step by step.


Make products with heart to increase benefits


In 2016, the iron and steel industry in Taiyuan suffered a "cold winter", and the entire industrial chain was tested. While many downstream steel pipe processing equipment manufacturers are busy looking for customers to pull orders, Zhang Guoqing has handed over the first quarter of 2016 to sign 60 million orders satisfactory "answer sheet". At this time, Zhang Guoqing was thinking that if the output value is too high and the product quality cannot be guaranteed, orders must not be received.

As small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanxi Province, "specialized special new" typical enterprises, "why can stand out in the economic downturn?" The reporter asked. Zhang Guoqing said frankly to the reporter: "On the basis of insisting on technological innovation, I am more honest. The customer is supreme, and the quality is the first. If there is a problem with the product, it can be changed, and if it cannot be changed, it will be scrapped and redone. The delivery time must be ahead of the user's requirements, and the time must not be delayed." His answer dispelled the reporter's doubts. It is this kind of excellence that Zhang Guoqing's collaborators will increase.

Dongfang Furun precision steel pipe company is one of his long-term partners. Under their entrustment, Zhang Guoqing led his scientific research team to develop two seamless steel pipe production lines, and improved the main power supply, which not only solved the product quality problems of the company, but also created considerable economic benefits for the enterprise.

Talking about today's economic market, Zhang Guoqing talked endlessly. In his view, in this economic crisis, private enterprises did not lose the market, but did not have products. For a long time in the past, the entire market environment has always been full of vicious bidding, sales promotion, drilling and a series of problems. Few people are willing to make products with peace of mind. The trust between enterprises and customers is no longer there. Therefore, in the case of overcapacity and price fluctuations, most enterprises can only be eliminated.


As Zhang Guoqing said, "one word hurts the harmony of heaven and earth, and one thing breaks the blessing of life, one must be careful." This is not only Zhang Guoqing's motto for many years, but also his attitude towards work.



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