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The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a "specialized and special new" enterprise in Shanxi Province, with a provincial enterprise technology center in Shanxi Province, and a R & D team composed of experts, professors, senior engineers and other professional and technical personnel.

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Xinghualing District Deploys to Promote the Creation of "Three Zero" Units


On the morning of April 24, Xinghualing District held a mobilization and deployment meeting for the establishment of "three zero" units, thoroughly implemented the spirit of the mobilization and deployment meeting for the establishment of "three zero" units in the whole province and the whole city, and arranged and deployed the establishment work of the whole region.


Xinghualing District, as the central urban area of population concentration, will make great efforts in four aspects: political guidance, short board promotion, system construction and coordination and linkage. In terms of political guidance, it is necessary to give full play to the core role of grass-roots party organizations, make good use of the 19 "party-mass service centers" hub platforms in the whole region, lead by party building, strengthen vitality with autonomy, strengthen protection with the rule of law, strengthen education with morality, and support with wisdom, so as to promote the "three zeros" to create a normal and long-term effect; in terms of short board promotion, it should be based on 148 communities (villages) and 861 grids, coordinate and link 715 key units such as schools, hospitals, and enterprises, 8400 production and business units, adhere to territorial management, reduce small units, and implement various measures; in terms of system construction, it is necessary to integrate 128 party building coordination committees and 130 The working forces of a red industry committee and 12000 volunteers, relying on the construction achievements of party-mass workstations, representative liaison stations, mobile police offices, contradiction joint investigation centers, legal service centers, and three-level comprehensive management video exchange and sharing platforms, efforts should be made to promote the equalization, precision, humanization and science and technology of grass-roots governance and public services, strengthen the end of governance, and give full play to the overall effect; in terms of coordination and linkage, it is necessary to organically integrate the "three zeros" creation work with grass-roots party building, civilization creation, anti-crime and anti-evil, rural revitalization, epidemic prevention and control, and plan and advance as one.


At the meeting, Zhongjianhe Township, Yaotou Village and Taiyuan Qinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. made statements one after another. Zhongjianhe Township said that the next step would be to give full play to the role of front-line personnel such as grid members, mediators and property personnel, improve the care and assistance system and the social psychological service system, and do a good job in the service management of key groups. Yaotou Village said that the next step would be fully and deeply integrated with the creation of "30, give full play to the learning, publicity and education functions of the new era rural civilization learning and practice institute, moral lecture hall, legal lecture hall, parent school, and village-level loudspeakers, and carry out the" good deeds and righteous deeds "five good families and good daughters-in-law selection activities to lay a solid foundation for building a safe countryside; Taiyuan Qinghong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. stated that it will strengthen enterprise production safety management and safety education and learning for all employees, and strengthen enterprise safety construction, we will implement all the requirements and measures to achieve the construction of" three zeros "enterprises for a long time.

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